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Hi all,

I am new to envato. I was searching for a wp theme for my project and I found a suitable one but I have to subscribe to unlimited. Before I subscribe, I need to know the following:

  • Can I use the theme/edit/add/delete if I didn’t renew my subscription?
  • How can I edit the content to my needs?

for your help here is the link for the theme: https://verso.oxygenna.com/commerce-modern/

Please I need your help.



Welcome to Envato Community :slight_smile: Thanks for asking your question at envato forum.

  1. yes you can use the theme/edit/delete if didn’t renew your subscription.
  2. it is on your quality or skill cause 100% guidance you can’t get in item/theme documentation.
    Here is other way to get in touch with Expert from Envato Studio who can help you to customize your downloaded theme.

I hope you understand now.

Still any question you can ask here or get in touch with Envato Elements Support Team they would like to assist you.


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Just FYI - elements files do not come with updates or support as the main marketpalce purchases do.

can you explain more. also this theme is the best one I am looking for can I find it in the marketplace

This is it on Themeforest https://themeforest.net/item/verso-responsive-multi-purpose-wordpress-theme/20654926

If you buy it there then you get 6 months support for free and lifetime updates to the theme as they are released. Elements is cheaper but you do not get the support or access to updates

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