Gluten Free Music?!

It was a lot of hard work but now it’s done! People said it’s impossible, but luckily, I never listened:

I’m happy to announce that my portfolio is now absolutely Gluten free! Enjoy the same MykeRoss quality items in an new and fresh Gluten free way which can only be described as incredibly refreshing. Some even say it’s a whole new experience, I say it’s a bit far fetched. The difference however is there, and it’s very much noticable! To be honest, I have been surprised by the stark contrast. How you ask is all this possible? Well, I made sure to include only the very best ingredients like freshly hand picked piano notes, arranged in an compelling order, strong cymbal rolls, rolled like just an italian mother can roll them and orchestral elements of course, delicately woven into those corporate and cinematic experiences you all call items.

So to all my customers: Please enjoy my items and thank you for each and every purchase!