glitch logo rejected

It has been two days since this topic was created and I hope I should get some feedback .

it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with it, but in my opinion one of the problems is that it’s basically composed out of “full screen” glitches. You would be better off by glitching out only parts of the screen, and overlaying more glitches to get more details. Smaller, more detailed glitches. Not having the whole screen flicker and doing stuff.

On top of that, there are already a number of projects on this same exact style. You have your logo in frontal screen, glitching and just standing there basically. You would be better off having a flythrough of your logo, rotate camera around logo, or just any other base movement, on top of which you overlay your glitches

The idea behind creating the full screen glitches was to make the project look unique as compared to other projects which are already on the market but it didn’t worked out I guess . At times the logo gets hidden and then with some glitches it gets revealed and again it disappears and at the end it eventually gets revealed so I believe this was not just a standing logo .

The idea of flying the logo and rotating the camera around is fantastic and I think that I should give it a try .
Thanks for your suggestion.