Giving Credit to an Musician

Hey there! Long time listener, first time poster>

I’m a content creator who has happened on a handful of songs in the AudioJungle library and I was wondering what the format was for attributing the song and musician in the credits.

I realize that you work hard on your compositions and I just want to make sure that its done right.

So, if you can, please, let me know ASAP!

Keep up the good work, friends!

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Crediting the music author is not mandatory, and it is entirely up to you whether you want to do it or not. For this reason, there is no standard format you’d have to abide to. You can choose any format that would match the rest of your credits. Something like “Music “Sunset Vapor” by Pierre Billon” or simpler yet “Music by Purple Fog” is fine.

Anyway, thank you for recognizing the work that goes in the music, and for wanting to do the right thing, it is much appreciated!

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