Give your review for this portfolio theme.( Reviewers don't interested to answer my questions. )

I have submitted this theme 2 times (with 2 names), they direct gave hard reject.
3rd time I upload this item again and wrote a message to reviewers that is

"Hello, Reviewer,
I am new in WordPress and I got a hard rejection of my 3/4 items.
Though this design is approved by ThemeForest on 29 September 18, For WordPress I have implemented some new design with the approved design.
At this time I am very Frustrated.
Please provide me with some helpful tips in which section I need to improve.
Also please tell me which section of this design isn’t quality standard?
and If this design isn’t quality standard so why Themeforest design checkers approved this design?
Hope I will get a good review from you.


in their review, they don’t interested to answer my questions.
they just gave this message…

Do not resubmit hard rejected items without major improvements. Doing so may result in your account being suspended.

Now you guys check the theme and give me your reviews.


Thanks for your valuable time.