Give Your Comments About This Design

hi this is rather nice but quite frankly u have a bit the same problem as fro your other rejected item indeed , except that this time the originality that u brought to the table is working much more, though, the typo part is equally “dysfunctional”. Yes, u have harmony with what u did otherwise and this is working in this case for the organization of elements within the design but the used font remains too thin and not really outstanding enough … pls keep in mind that the calendar part is essential to justify having a calendar and to have the final item being operational.

a question can be asked as well when it comes to having all months in the same page … choosing to focus on each month or on semesters maybe a good idea to give more space to dates and potential associated details , if u ask me

i am wandering also about the combination of colors , they are good and harmonious but i tend to believe that maybe selecting smoother colors could be a good idea , as well as considering using complementary colors …

finally the header is really not working for me … the typo is super flat , the words not combining well - not to mention that once again “happy new year” looks superfluous andante taking over the picture - and there is a misspelling with a lacking “y” in the end of “happy”

Following your coments i make some correction please see this one & let your comments, Still now i not uploaded this one