give the best solution for my presentation so that it is not rejected

You don’t have consistency. You have allot of elements that’s not related with each other. You have many alignments issues (use 12 columns grid to keep the same spacing on every slide).

Sorry before for this word (use the 12 column grid to keep the same distance on each slide).

Sorry, I do not understand this.

The 12 columns grid is similar to alignments grid for web pages.
If you work on 1920x1080 the grid looks like this.
This grid has 138px column width and 20px space between columns. Based on this all your alignments should be 138px and 20px x2, x4, x6 etc

Also you can create your own custom grid here

hi well for me this is by far the best rejected template of such sort that i have seen ever since i comment presentations like this … most of then are usually too flat, lacking originality and relief, but u have this here , in my opinion , though, the fact of the matter is i see a real major problem here : contrast. This is a basic design principle and thus not a big deal , especially insofar as the thing leads u to additional problems in a snowball effect indeed … not only are some texts are hardly readable at this stage but they are also not popping out as expected and they are considerably paying a toll on the hierarchy of information that u had created otherwise, making the global item look way flatter than it should have been and making it also way less efficient and convenient that it could have been , in the process, as well …
u also have issues of alignment and spacing not only inside the same slide but also from one slide to the other and , as such , the thing cannot look 100% pro as u may guess …
i globally think that a few slides are also definitely too white and too empty and that u have to adapt contents so that headers and footers are not to close from the margins so that elements can “breathe”, too

Alright, I’ll learn more about this. Thank you for the help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh yes, I will immediately fix the color selection so that it can be read more clearly. Thank you for helping. :slightly_smiling_face:

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