Give me advice on my new PC configuration

Hello guys, i’m working as a graphic designer but now i started to learn motion design/editing on Adobe After Effects CS6 and Cinema 4D. My PC stucks on large 1080p projects. Please give me advice for new configuration.
I must say that i’m from Bulgaria and my budget is 1300 лева = 750-800$. max.

If rendered by the graphics card, do I need a strong processor?
In this case:
Strong GPU and weak CPU?
GPU performs a preview image? Or only the GPU is rendering rather than display a preview image and quick work of the program.

So, What do you think of these commonly parts:
GPU: GTX 950 2gb
CPU: Intel i5 skylake 6400 or Intel i7 skylake 6700

CPU is very important for After Effects and Cinema 4d. So I suggest you to Spend meximum money for strong cpu then think about gpu. :slight_smile:

Thank you, so i think about Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Processor for this budget… :slight_smile:

try it . only $50 more but u ll get 6 core12 Threads, 2 more extra core and 4 more extra Threads than i7-6700K :slight_smile:

GPU is secondary, I think it’s barely used for rendering unless you’re using plug in that rely on GPU acceleration.

RAM and CPU is the way to go, and don’t scrimp on the HDD as you’ll have a bottleneck in render times, no matter how much RAM you have. So don’t go for a 5,400rpm setup!

Ideally you want an i7 quad core with 16GB of RAM and an SSD. If you can afford it, go for 32GB of RAM and a couple of SSDs.

If you can afford it, go for more cores than a quadcore. I have an i7-4700k, and it’s a good processor, but for rendering 3D animations, it’s simply a case of the more cores the better. If you plan on using a renderer like Octane, a good graphics card is also needed. I would go with Nvidia graphic card in any case, since Adobe Media Encoder can make use ofCUDA cores.

If it’s between an i7 and a lower graphics card, and an I5 and a better graphics card, definitely go for the i7 with the lower graphics card! CPU is most important in C4D and AE. Even with my I7 rendering will use 100 percent of my CPU. Also try to get at least 16gb of RAM, so you don’t have a huge bottleneck.

Thank you guys!
I will buy something until the end of the year.
Maybe 16 RAM DDR4, i7 and SSDS. :slight_smile:

Sounds good!