Give me a feedback like a reviewer

Hello mates :slight_smile:

i need your feedback on my next (Second) project
it have been in the queue 25 days ago and i’m still worried about it :confused:

the project is a wordpress magazine theme (News - Food - Sport - Blog) and more demos in the future and more features i will provide.

i’m asking you to browse the 4 demos and tell me what is the good points and what is the weak points

i tried to create something unique and made some editing depending on your previous feedback.


  • the logo and content are only for demo purposes and i only wanted to show the theme features.
  • all demos are 1-click install so it will be easy for users.

demo links:

News Demo:

Food Demo:

Sport Demo:

Blog Demo:

i hope you like it and hear some good news :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Best Regards…

hello, Any body here…!