Give customers template and let them edit?

Hi there!
I am CEO for a web hosting company. I wonder if I can put a template on their plan and let them customize it through HTML? I have account at Envato Elements. ( Monthly )

Is that allowed?

Anyone got a reply?

Not exactly no

  1. you redistribute an item “as is”

  2. you have to be subscribed when the project it is used for is completed

  3. you would need a new license per client

The best you could do is remain subscribed and customise a templates as required each time

If I get the template they want from Envato Elements, then edit it for their company. And then put it on their web hosting, is that allowed?

Assuming that you are still subscribed while doing this and that you are modifying the template and not just uploading it as it appears when downloaded then it should be but if in any doubt check with support