Gift of Giving has begun! Meet the authors contributing this year

Envato’s Gift of Giving is back for 2015, and a bunch of fantastic authors have contributed to this year’s collection.

A new gift will be unlocked on each of the next twelve days. You can check them all out here, and we’ll give a little shoutout to the author responsible for that day’s gift right here in this thread.

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Check out the first gift “Airlines Company Identity Mock-up” by @mesmeriseme_themes!

It’s day 2 of Gift of Giving, and this time it’s the very beautiful personal blog theme “Vienna” by @juarathemes. Check it out here!

It’s day 3 of Gift of Giving, and this time it’s some great Photoshop “Neon Styles” by @mixmedia87. Check it out here!

It’s day 4 of Gift of Giving, and this time to welcome a great VideoHive project that’ll surely make you ‘Believe’ (created by @sonorafilms!) Check it out here!

We’re getting closer to Christmas as today is day 5 of Gift of Giving! Oh and we have a great track for you by @SchwartzSound! Let’s get ‘Dancing On A Cloud’ with today’s freebie! :sunglasses:


This would be great if I could download any of these. When I go to download it, I am asked to pay for it. Am I missing a promo code I have to enter?
Please advise. I would like the last 5 days since I can not Download.


Hi @khenson1404!

Thanks for writing in. To download the freebie as long as it’s not expired it will have an active “Download” button on the top right hand side of the item page. Each Freebie lasts 24 hours until 4:59PM AEDT time.

I hope this helps and I have included a screenshot for future preference and if you have any more queries regarding this if you could send me a private message I will be glad to assist you :smile:

I go in every day and this is the first I have seen the Merry Go Round so I know it’s the right day, but it will not give me the usual screen to download. It says they are all free, but when you click on this it says Pay $5. (It is the last one before the ones that are not revealed yet, so obviously it is today’s gift. #6.) And I made sure I was signed in first. There is something wrong with the link?

Hi @viennashade!

Thanks for reporting this in. I can clarify it does say payment needs to be made so I will forward this concern to the Envato Team for clarification.

Thanks and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Today is day 6 of Gift of Giving! The issues unfortunately still persist on the gift giving page, but please enjoy a ride with the Merry-go-round on the actual item page. :christmas_tree:

Today is day 7 of Gift of Giving! Pinning has just got a whole lot easier. Please check out today’s pinning WordPress addon by hello_studio and maybe say ‘Hello’ at the same time? :smiley:

Not many days left now before Santa comes, but we’re on day 8 of Gift of Giving today! Check out today’s gift which is a bit of Dubstep by @AudioPizza who’s really cooked up a treat :pizza:

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Woah! Santa must be busy filling up his sacks with only 3 days to go of Gift of Giving. I can just about feel the winter chill starting to set in stone as Leonidtit creates this masterpiece. :snowflake::snowman::snowboarder:

if the initiative is very good, i have met a lot of trouble to download items, most of emails to download items have never come or come on time … disappointing

Today is day 10 of Gift of Giving! We have a “Info Graphs 3D” 4D Cinema opener by the one and only @Hypha!! :smiley:

It’s day 11 of Gift of Giving and Rudolph and the gang are getting ready for a long journey ahead of them. In the meantime do check out the latest Landing Template by @surjithctly as it’s simply plain awesome! Quick Quick Quick! :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing @Palzme

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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It’s the final day of Gift of Giving and it’s been amazing! Please check out the latest NYE flyer poster by @HollyMolly and have a Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!! :slight_smile: