gift of giving 2017 - not receiving all emails

Hello there.

I have a gmail account and i received for several years newsletter and other emails from envato. I was very happy when received the email for the gift for day 1. However i received only that and the day 4 email message. The day 2 and 3 are missing.

Is there somebody else with this problem? I checked spam folder and nothing there…

Envato team, can i receive that files since the emails missed my inbox?

Thanks and best regards,

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The same thing has happened to me. I have only received gift 1 and 4, the rest of the invitations I have not received.

Hi @miguelreal @supernano Thanks for bringing this to our attention, sorry to hear the e-mails have been sporadic. I’ll report this to the team who manage that particular e-mail promotion. I don’t know for sure but I strongly suspect that I don’t think it will be possible to obtain the items from the e-mails that you did not receive unfortunately, simply due to the limited availability of those items and the automation that makes them available. I’m so sorry to report that. in the meantime however, would you mind re-subscribing via the following link, please? This might ensure you don’t miss out on any more e-mails from the Gift of Giving promotion:

Again, really sorry to hear about this, I’ll pass along the feedback to the team who manage this campaign. Thanks for understanding.

Rep told me even Envato stuff does not know. Considering I was a subscriber of Elements for a year this is unacceptable

Day 5 is special - click the link to find out why! :slight_smile:

Gift of Giving - Day 5

Same for me, thanks to create this post. Hope I can get the email from now on

Hey @miguelreal @supernano Just looping back - The marketing team investigated the issue for you and found out what the problem was: Neither of you signed-up until the 15th. On Tuesday last week when the promotion went out, you only clicked the link to access the free item rather than the link to subscribe to the list. Looks like several other users did the same too. Glad it’s all sorted now however, thanks for letting us know and hope you’ve been enjoying the free items, enjoy! :christmas_tree: