Getting Turkish alphabet characters in the URL field in webbrowser

I want to make a WP website in Turkish that shows the proper Turkish alphabet characters in the URL fields in the webbrowser and in WP instead of the English alphabet ones. I tried it already but I don’t succeed at it. What happens is, instead of the Turkish characters like these: “Çok güzel bir saksı yapmışlar önümüzdekiler” it shows their ‘closest relatives’ English character ones, like this: “Cok guzel bir saksi yapmislar onumuzdekiler”.
I don’t know why this happens and how I can get those proper Turkish characters in the URLs in WP. Anybody have an idea?
How I did it now: I manually installed WP and edited the wp-config.php file to enter my database values and entered these values:
The database character set: I leave it at utf8, so this:
define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);

DB_COLLATE: I’ve read that the database collation should normally be left blank except for Turkish language sites which need to have: ‘utf8_turkish_ci’. So this:
define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ‘utf8_turkish_ci’);

So I did all this on one Turkish language site already but the URL fields still don’t show the proper Turkish alphabet characters but instead their closest English alphabet characters.
So I would like to know: What determines which alphabet’s characters get to be shown in the URL fields?
And what do I need to do to get this done?

Maybe you just need to update your “slug” in WordPress. Edit some page, and delete the slug and click update/publish. Maybe the new “slug” will be with Turkish alphabet characters - maybe this can fix if the WordPress was first in “English” but if you have start with “Turkish” probably this will not fix it.

Me again. I have used this plugin -

and have set manually permalink like this (in localhost):

Maybe you can use that plugin.

Thanks, I tried your first tip by updating the slug but that did not work.

About Permalink Manager, I tried this too but also didn’t work. I guess I have its settings wrong. What do you do in its settings? Do you need to do that for every single post or page?

Do you use the light or the Pro version of it?