Getting Tired from rejection

I wanna know why my items every submitting time get rejected ??? I provide a live preview, demo apk and very good documentation >>> then why my app has been rejected ?
I wanna know what should I do to submit my first app on envato market ?

the demo is here :

They have probably provided some information why your item is not ready for the marketplace. Check the email they have sent

they said this "unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward "

the live preview is here :

Hey @alpha_team,

Is this the only ‘phrase’ they told you?

If yes, I would really demand a more detailed reason from the support. If they won’t give you further details, try all possible ways to reach Envato in general.

All the best

Yes, this is the only phrase they said.

@WeePiePlugins please reply me !!!