Getting started - logo stings

Hi, I work as a DJ and I do a number of charity gigs every year.

I’m looking to make some nice logo stings that can be used at these events to intro videos, or even have cycling on in house TVs. It’s not something I charge for, so I was hoping to do it on my own rather than pay someone.

How easy is it to use the software? Is it pretty much just upload the vector logo and the software creates the sting, which I can do some tweaking with? I’ve used things like Photoshop and Illustrator, and some very basic movie making and editing software, is this platform something I should be able to handle?

Hi @soulspinr,

It depends on what you’re talking about exactly. If you want to make your own logo stings/intros, using Adobe After Effects is probably your best bet, but there is a decent learning curve.

If you want to buy some templates from Video Hive, there are options for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion, and DaVinci Resolve. You won’t need to know as much as you would if you were doing something from scratch, but having a basic understanding of the software is very helpful for knowing how to edit the templates.

Alternatively, there is Placeit which allows you to just upload a logo and some text and then download the intro that it generates for you, depending on the template you picked.