Getting Rejected! Need help to understand what can I do to correct the process. Thanks

the perspective and angle of the base doesn’t look right and regardless one aspect is not enough to submit here - that could easily be found for free online, so you need to consider multiple layouts, options etc

Thank you for the feedback, I will try to improve :slightly_smiling_face:

This also got rejected. Still trying to figure out, where am I going wrong, Thanks

You are submitting in probably a top 3 of the most competitive and crowded categories on all of envato which means anything new needs to be flawless and bring something stand out to the table.

If you take the cool stock (presumably you didn’t create these from scratch?) glasses and background out and whats left is fairly basic text layers which could not be difficult or time consuming to create.

The “sun fun” title could definitely be bought to life more and currently feels a bit flat and like (big) regular text


Again thank you for answering my question. Yes, I have created the background and pattern from scratch, just used the model image ie. Glasses. No worries I will try to improve in the next one, Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: