Getting quite annoyed with Envato

TLDR: Lazy support (for staff check this agents response Request #RemovedByMod, Envato Elements essentially killing Envato & in turn authors leaving, Old 6 year items still remain “best selling” - New and exciting please - ie: Themes: how is it that Avada is still a thing? and LASTLY - To authors, keep with the times , make elementor based stuff - WPBakery is dieing hard (just a small tip)

^ Relates to CodeCanyon, ThemeForest and Photoshop Actions

Is there active engagement with the community, I really need to know or is it more of a “we make changes you deal with it” - As a buyer - I really want to see more positive changes with Envato and more helpful support especially when items get removed.

Note to Mod who edited the post: Why remove it, it would only be visible to people with access to the ticket support system