getting memory leak issue

Hello, we are using your theme (magento-21-themes-magento-19-all-40-creative-designs-multipurpose-responsive-everything) in magento 2.1 , theme seems very nice looking good , at the same we getting some issue also because server is holding some kind of space from RAM and its not releasing after page loaded completely, means its getting memory leak issue, the page is simply going to idle it not closing,at last server will hang fully. for this issue we are loosing our clients and wasting money also, could you please advice me how can i resolve this issue , we are using your theme only else we dont using anything , and we believe default magneto its self will not making this kind of issue .

I can offer paid support if you’re interested in

ok… fine, but you can give any kind of thread , just like this is module issue , extensions, or structural, because we are already paid for theme it self .we are expecting some points will get from general form .

I need to check it, can’t say anything at this point

Is this the item you bought?

If you’re looking for item support, you’ll need to contact the author of the theme, by clicking the “Support” tab at the top of the item page. I’ve linked it below for you.

Alternatively, if your support period has expired (or if the issue is outside the scope of support, for example not related to the theme), you can seek the help of a freelancer from Envato Studio such as @ki-themes above.

Thanks for replying, I can give any kind of details from application side,

Thanks for the information baileyherbert … i have submitted ticket over there

FYI you will need to login using the account which purchased the item - no buyer badge on this one so unlikely that the author can verify purchase and entitlement