getting loud mix

I have this problem of having very nice arrangement, when i start applying compressor and eq, bus routing and basic steps of mixing, i never get to have an output as high as tracks on audio jungle and I cannot figure out what the problem is, is it eq? compression? parallel compression? increase routing to as much busses as possible as each 1 routing makes the track louder?
any help would be very much appreciated.
thanks all.
here my soundcloud latest uploads are part of my rejected trax.

@angrycurse . Why don’t you post on soundcloud a link with your work? We may be able to help you, but without hearing it , we are just guessing. It could be all that you mentioned, it could be the excess of low frequencies, it could be the presence of too many instruments fighting for their space in the mix, it could be the crest factor, it could be the lack of balance between the drum section and the instrument section. Some authors are just pushing the limiter in order to make it sound loud.Loud doesn’t mean good. It just means loud. There is a volume potentiometer invented for that purpose. Adding harmonic content , saturation, subtle distorsion may help creating perceived loudness without ruining the dynamics of the track. But , as i said, i am just guessing. Post a link. Cheers

If you mixed you track good than you need to apply limiter on a master. Google “make your mix loud” or whatch videos on YouTube. There is a tons of information on levels, and the target loudness for different platforms is not the same. If you want your mixes sound as loud as some AJ tracks, analyze the loudness levels of the tracks you admire and than apply limiting to match to those levels. Not by your ear, but with analyzing plugins.

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i use plugin limiter from ozone on my master bus it gets loud but like flaws appear in loudness like loud but not as pure or clean as trax on AJ… loudness meter is very good advice ill definitely start applying it

I find them loud enough. But it’s just for me. If you personally hear some flaws, you probably need to dig deeper into the mixing. If you have a good mix, consider your job done. Applying limiting wont harm a well mixed track.

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I believe you have other issues to adress prior to loudness of your tracks. Please, take that lightly, i am just trying to help.
The production , both musically and technical wise is far from commercial viability. The mix is crisp, unbalanced, the instrument selection is mediocre , at best. There is no musical coherency. I really do not want to dissapoint you, but is better to swallow a bitter pill than living in a constant delusion.
Cheers, and work harder. No dissrespect, just reality check.


Totally agree with @Soundtrickz . I cannot imagine any purpose for this work. For a logo it’s too long. For music it is too simple. Two instruments and a noise at the end is not enough versatile. I agree, the mix and the loudness is your smallest problem actually. Sorry, I’ve no hint for you.

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Thanks brother, don’t worry all tips and feedback really appreciated and will not hurt me because i really want to improve.

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Thanks to all brothers who helped me here, i will definitely spend more time choosing instruments and making :notes: arrangement and layering, any other tips concerning loudness or sounds in my uploads in sound cloud is welcome, //i think mostly the problem other than instrument choice and arrangement os equalizer, i guess i must spend more time cutting/boosting excess/low frequencies to get the best non-competitive, clear sounds which get louder when i apply maximizer/limiter// i would be very great full if anyone can ensure my notice about eq in my mixes to get clearer sounds.
Thanks all.