Getting locked account

Hi my account was locked already second time
First time I use my single use virtual credit card and transaction failed three times after that I get locked.

The page showed only: transactions failed try again with with another method

I was thinking, i put the wrong numbers so I tried three times

I wrote email, explained what happened and I got a reply :


Regrettably, after further investigation, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.


Envato Market Help Team

Like absolutely doesn’t make sense to me, I reply if they can explain to me a little bit more they doesn’t reply
So I create a new account I make purchase and again after few i got locked without any information

I’m really surprised about support team of this company

May I ask which country you’re from? ( Logged in to the system )

Iam from Slovakia, currently I’m living in Indonesia, Bali, I was doing this purchase in Indonesia

I don’t think there’s a problem with Indonesian IP ( as I’m accessing from Bali, too ) but the reason could be related to single use credit card failure three times. The system may think that it’s unauthorized attempt.

They won’t be able to recover the current account but you could create a new account and try again but this time, use your “online credit card” and make sure “2-step verification” is enabled. You may need to call your bank ( BCA/OCBC/Permata ) to activate it

Yeah that’s exactly what I did and the purchase was successful ( it was flatsome theme for WordPress ) but after a few days they send my money back and lock my account again )

I also called my bank and they said to me that it was from the side of Envato (the return of money)
Without any email or something like what I did wrong

So I’m really confused what’s going on here, also the first reply it sounds like, we have a lot of money don’t bother us,

By the way is it here some different way how to purchase flatsome theme for WordPress ?

Thank you

Indonesian banks don’t use 2-step verification in most cases ( internationally ) and this could cause charge-back issues or stolen credit card problems. To prevent these, Envato is refunding the money and blocking the account.

Get a new account and use your EU credit card. It should be fine

Actually that’s what I did, I used my Slovakian card with 2-step verification, I’m curious what day will reply, if they will …

Anyway, thank you for your advice