Getting hard rejection on logo template, expert author please help.

I am getting hard rejection second-time. for first time I turned to forums and realized that I was missing horizontal version which was needed as per forums guidance. I also did a color variation and name change in the second version so that it won’t be the same as the previous one.
I am attaching both previews kindly give me a direction what am I doing wrong in this. I have read every article on how to upload or create templates but no luck understanding this hard rejection issue :frowning:

First one>> 4

2nd one >>

hi this is rather cool if u ask me , though , maybe u can make the thing look better again …

here are my observations …

1- u have no tag line (this is required and may lead u to be hard rejected …)

2- the logo does not look as good in horizontal version indeed … i think u have to find a way to keep the concept and transform it … u stretched the line only bu this is damaging the way the logo looks …

3- typo
it can be improved, it will be better if u introduce some originality and font combinations … adding the tagline will help in this way …

4- presentation
your presentation looks fair though using mockups and so on would probably help to draw the attention and also emphasize your item …

Thank you so much, now when you pointed them out I think I was able to make it better. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry, I replied late, I am caught up in a freelance project. I’ll be updating you if my design approved :slight_smile:

this is good luck and good work :slight_smile: if u feel like i could give u enough clue for you to get to know what to do , pls just check the “solution” box