Getting hard reject always its like true or false

I create animated short clips for videohive and my items are either hard reject or accepted i never faced a scenario where modification needed. they just copy paste quality issue. i know they have a lot of submissions but it also takes time to create animations. so just shutting a door on my face doesn’t seems good. they should provide a valid comment why it was rejected like its a topic issue or something else so we can learn from the feedback and try to do our best. if any official is seeing please look at this it will help authors and it will take just 10 seconds to say why you rejected.

understand this " we worked hours to create something you just pasted a sample message to reject it". if you will provide a short and reasonable feedback then it will save our time and we can learn from our mistakes and provide the best work.

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Today my 37 animations was rejected and i am seeing the pattern of rejected. there is a feedback from my side to review team, please tell me what magical powers you have to see more than 20 clips in short span of time logically it is not possible so i just want to learn that magic. first before putting any useless effort in gaining customers improve your library and with this hard rejection things happening, your library will have all those creepy third class background animations and your customers will be shifted to another platforms in which they get a huge library of different items.
its really frustrating working and getting rejected a lot, but still jokes on them because somehow i will survive but i wonder how will you when you dont improve your library and other companies are adding subscription based items. instead of doing some marketing on gaining customers just get some real feedback on your items or create a use case in which one of your team member need to create some youtube videos from your library of assets then you will realize what your review team is doing.
i might be wrong but previous year why your team decided to accept some previews rejected items they are all hard rejected you haven’t learn from your past mistakes and its time when you need to consider improving your content review team let a customer decide what is good or bad or if you still want to reject things as hard rejected please care to provide a feedback not a auto comment.

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I have 95% rejection. VH. Clips. :(((((

I have 100% rejection. But no any exact feedback :unamused:

Oh, I am sorry! Not fine. :frowning:

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exactly they dont even care to explain the reason of rejection