Getting daily proofing mail and item is still in review

On December 19, 2023, I resubmitted my app after implementing the required modifications. However, I am currently receiving daily proofing emails from Envato indicating a soft rejection, despite my app still being under review. I wonder if the email I received today might be a previous notification, as I haven’t made any new changes in the hidden items section. Because in hidden items I didn’t found any new reviewer message or something else. Please help me to sort out this, even now still my app is under review process


Don’t worry! That one is your Daily summery emails and not your review email from the reviewer.

It’s because you have checked for Daily summery emails in your email settings. you can unsneck this one.

You should checked Item review notifications for your Item review notifications (approve or soft/hard rejected) email. and I believe this one already checked by you.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. yeah I have checked the item review notifications section, as you know being an envato author it is mandatory to keep track of your item review notifications.
And please suggest me that now I don’t need to do anything as my app is in review process or there is something else??

If you already resubmitted your app with correct screenshots resolutions then you don’t need to do anything, just keep patience and wait for the reviewer message.

If didn’t resubmitted your app with correct screenshots resolutions then you have to fix screenshots issue and need to resubmit.

Yeah I have resubmitted my app with correct dimensinal screenshots as there were some screens which I combine it as a single screen and they arise an issue during submission. Ok got your points and thank you once again.