Getting Approval

I’m a new author, I uploaded 2 mockups but got hard-rejected without knowing the reason, so I uploaded another file with some modifications to make it more visually appealing and still waiting response.

My question is how to make sure that my mockups get approval? i.e ( what should I consider?)

Without seeing a preview it’s impossible to say but that is a super crowded category and you need to be bringing not only premium design and execution but also significant originality

Image Preview

I uploaded this and still waiting for approval

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With the new version of the Photoshop, I don’t think “mockup” templates would be needed as it comes with a feature itself but from what I see from the image, it looks like it’s freebie. You will need to manage better looking template if you want to get the approval. ( This approach of the template could be found as freebie )

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