#GetGutenbergReady Contest - win a share in $5,000 in prizes and an Envato Most Wanted badge



I have submitted a plugin 9 days ago, but it is still in the queue, waiting to be reviewed. With roughly one week left until the deadline and having a couple of possible rejections in mind, I am little worried that my entry is not going to make it on time.

Maybe, it could be possible to give a priority to the items that participate in this contest? I believe I have seen it done in the some other Most Wanted contests before.

I wonder why there is such a huge difference in waiting times between WordPress themes and plugins. According to http://quality.market.envato.com, when you submit a theme it gets reviewed in one day, but it takes an average of 11 days to review a plugin.


good luck.


@Mini_Lou, @BenLeong
Is it possible to give priority for CodeCanyon item? Cheers.


We will make new pages on our theme only with this great plugin.


Hi, there,

The WavePlayer author here. I am already preparing an update to my WordPress plugin that will make it fully functional as a Gutenberg Block. The first tests are proving very rewarding but Gutenberg is still at an early stage of development to think a possible porting of our asset to the new editor.

This prevents my plugin from working until they fix the Gutenberg plugin on their end. Specifically, I have just sent a pull request to the Gutenberg project on GitHub asking for a change in the code of the MediaPlaceholder component that is currently forcing the MediaUpload component to be an image gallery when multiple files are needed, regardless of the type of media requested (audio files).
I don’t see how this is going to happen within the final date of this contest, which is in four days.

Since WavePlayer is a plugin offering audio playlists with waveform display, it would be impossible or very convoluted to make it work until they change the Gutenberg plugin code on their end. After all, Gutenberg is still missing an official block for audio playlists, even for the one offered by WordPress in their core components.

In addition to all that, the “loads of resources out there” that you mentioned in your OP are quite often not working or contradicting, just because things are drastically changing at a very fast pace there. Even some resources from the official documentation were not updated to the latest changes in the build or contradict what the code is all about, as I pointed out in this issue report.

For the reasons above, it is quite premature to have this contest now, because our hands are tied by the early stage of development currently going on at Gutenberg. There are currently more than 1000 issues reported and more than 200 pull requests.



You are absolutely right! We faced exactly the same problems.


Awesome :slight_smile:


My entry for Theme:


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My plugin for the contest:


We’ve submitted the form. But here is the theme itself just in case!



1920x1080px Image should be placed here not link.


My plugin is here


Hi everyone,

this is my entry to this contest


My Entry for Plugin


…and I’m out :smile: Wanted to do a theme in a short period of time, and got rejected! Gutenberg is great! However, default blocks are pretty much useless when it comes to premium themes (e.g. spacers are fixed…). I was up for using only those default blocks to create something cool and simple, but that’s not going to happen apparently. Anyway, nice stuff! Edgar to see where this Gutenberg craze goes! Thanks!


Finally we’re in!


Agree, But you can extend the core components to add your own features and functionality. Gutenberg is still in development, I think it will boost WordPress industry in a near future.


Bad timing for a contest, most people are in holidays.

This nice contest should be extended till end of September.

It’s also obvious from the low count of entries.


Oh boy. I’m too late (thought the deadline was end of this month). Contest extension pretty please? :slight_smile: