"Get unlimited downloads" promotion : how it works ?

Good morning from Italy.

I have been registered with Envato.com for a few years but I have never signed up for a promotion. I would like to understand:

  • does the “Get unlimited downloads” at € 14 / m billed yearly also include the Themeforest section in order to download and try different templates for Wordpress ?
  • or is the promotion reserved only for “Envato Elements” ?


  1. yes will billed yearly if you want to pay rate € 14 / m otherwise price is double. no themeforest and enavto market not included in envato elements but you can get many products from enavto market in envato elements.
    Here’s the current list of All available Items in Elements, just use search functionality at top to find any specific Item.
  2. right, subscription reserved only for “Envato Elements”


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Is there the possibility to try a template from Themeforest with limited functions and buy it later after trying it ?

No this is not an option