Get started with Ionic2 - Lesson - Creating the menu

ionic2 app - scss

ion-navbar myNav *navbar
ion-title text-center
Ionic 2 App

$colors: (
primary: #1E88E5,
secondary: #0D47A1,
danger: #FF5722,
light: #BBDEFB,
dark: #212121,
favorite: #81C784,

base: #000000,
contrast: #f4f4f4,


is not working . Does not show the title. All the rest is ok. Who can help?
the tags are without the < >

It’s a little hard to tell exactly what your code is. Could you put it in a preformatted text block with all the < brackets. Like this:


(Just put four spaces at the beginning of each line.

Also, what files do the code blocks come from?

Hi thanks for the answer. Actually the code is from the course:

I bought another course and the author explained me, that in between the
coding for the navbar changed with the new version of Ionic2.
Means the code of the course cannot work anymore.

Here is a version of working code…for the lesson of your course chapter
4.2: Create a menu page

*scss *possibilities for styling the navbar

.Thanks for your fast answer.

Wilfried from Germany



Okay, thanks! Is this something we should note in the lesson video for other students?

HI Adamarthurryan,

I think so…I could imagine, that if somebody wants to run the code
delivered in the lesson , he
would save a lot of time and frustrations, if he would know there is a a
new version
of handling the navbar.

I will follow further down the course and give you feedback , if there is
something else

all the best

Okay. Thanks Wilfried!