Get rejected from posting android .jar lib

I posted android .jar lib and get rejected. Is this a place where you can sell stuff like that?

  1. How you can provide live preview for android lib? (if this is a issue)
  2. How you can provide preview images if you have only code?

And there are no future because of no rejected reasons.

Hello @markody

From what I understand, you are trying to upload a reusable component, or a framework, compiled in a jar.

You cannot upload jar files, you have to upload the entire code (as Eclipse project or as Android Studio project or both).

To create a live preview for An Android lib, create a basic project using your component/lib, then create an apk for it and make it available as preview (either from your website or you can upload it to Google Play)

For previews, the same. From the already created demo project, take some screenshots to show to the buyer what he can do with your component (lib)

I hope that helps a it, if not, you can also take a look at how these authors (selling frameworks and libraries made it):

This place is not for me than.
“either from your website or you can upload it to Google Play” - its a code, if its for free than you can inspect it.
That is why people compile to .jar to provide safe deal.

I was talking here about the demo project that includes your lib (jar), not about the lib itself :slight_smile:

Most people do not buy without a demo.

If you include lib in any apk can be inspected. Its not back end code that you cant view. So what is a point of selling it?

A .jar file can be decompiled anyway :slight_smile: Any good Java developer with more than 2-3 years of experience will manage to read the classes and read the code.

What’s the point of selling code, then, in general? :blush: Well, this is too philosophic for me already, I don’t know what to say. We are selling code and templates that people can use in their projects.


I mean, you buy code and than you get .jar. I provide documentation.
“A .jar file can be decompiled anyway” - that is what a talk about.

If you make .psd you can show preview as .png. Hope you know what I meant.

I know, I completely understand.

Then, in this case, to make sure no one steals the code, you can upload png’s too, as screenshots, without a live demo. But, in general buyers tend to buy something only if they see it in action, so this increases chances of sales.

Anyway, you have to upload either screenshots, either provide a live demo, otherwise I doubt that the reviewers will accept it.