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Since 2010, millions of people across the globe go purple for Spirit Day in a stand against bullying, and show support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. Started by GLAAD and observed annually since 2010, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, and public figures wear purple, which symbolizes ‘spirit’ on the rainbow flag. This year, the Envato team are participating, and we want YOU to get involved too!

Post an #envato #spiritday photo on Instagram (and win!)
We’re encouraging you to show your support on Instagram using the hashtags #envato #spiritday and by doing so, you’ll be eligible for our Spirit Day contest.

How to Enter
Post a purple themed photo to Instagram and add the hashtags #envato #spiritday to enter. There are four categories for you to theme your entry:

  • Most Creative Purple Selfie
  • Most Creative Use of Purple Graphic Elements (eg. filters, layers, graphics)
  • Most Creative Purple Illustration
  • Most Creative Purple Workspace
There's no need to tell us the category you are entering into, we’ll judge and select winners from the entire pool of eligible photos. The winner from each category can choose one prize from the following:
  • USD$50 Envato Market credit,
  • USD$50 Envato Studio credit,
  • or 3 months premium membership to Envato Tuts+
Be sure to read the competition terms for this contest.

You don’t have to enter our contest to show your support for #spiritday. Simply tag your social media posts with #spiritday as this is the official global hashtag that GLAAD have created.

Envato are donating to GLAAD for every photo shared
For every eligible photo you enter into the competition, we’ll donate $1 to GLAAD, up to a maximum of $2000. So get sharing and remember to use #envato #spiritday! You can make your own one off donation directly to GLAAD by visiting this link.

Showcasing beautiful purple items on Envato Market
We’re showing off our favourite purple Envato Market items, hand selected especially for Spirit Day. Check out the collection here.

Spirit Day themed content on Envato Tuts+
Envato Tuts+ is also getting in on the action with purple preview images for Spirit Day, as well as publishing some Spirit Day specific content. Go read:
How Tech Firms are Becoming More Diverse by Changing the Way They Recruit
How to Create a Furry, Purple Spirit Day Mascot in Adobe Photoshop
Design a Spirit Day Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator
How Game Developers Can and Do Support the LGBT Community

If you have questions about Spirit Day or how you can get involved, post them in our forum thread. As always, please keep our Community Guidelines in mind when you post.


I notice that there are two stock footage items in your favourite purple items collection, but only one motion graphics clip. In the interests of fairness and equality, which after all, is one of the goals of Spirit Day; feel free to include my Periodic Table item, which exudes purpleness in every way!

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I find this promotion of LGBT day disheartening. I have not once seen a support day for traditional family values, or any support for those who fight against discrimination against those that stand for the equal rights for everyone, including those who are extremely intolerant of traditional family values.
I have spent thousands of dollars on envato over the years and have even worked to reveal those stealing from envato markets.
I will no longer support envato any any level


Linda, I think you’re slightly confused. This isn’t LGBT day, it’s Spirit Day, which is against bullying, specifically in the LGBT community. It’s not ‘Be Gay Day’ or anything like that. I’m not gay, but I don’t think anybody should be bullied (that includes gays, lesbians, bisexuals, heterosexuals, transgender people, aliens, animals or those with ‘traditional’ family values), so I’m more than happy to support it.

Sure, there isn’t a day (as far as I know) that supports those with ‘traditional’ family values (I keep saying it as ‘traditional’ as what is a traditional family these days? I mean traditional used to mean women who were seen and not heard, for example) but traditional family values have been supported, promoted and celebrated for thousands of years. I think that’s validation enough, I don’t think they really need a specific day.

In a way, I look forward to a time when we don’t need a Spirit Day, a day for women, or for ethnic minorites or for traditional family values or anything like that. Not because I don’t think they deserve one, just that I hope we get to a point where everyone is treated fairly, equally and justly. Unfortunately, that time isn’t here yet, so we look for way to celebrate those that are ‘different’. I guess it’s a small step in the right direction… it’s a way of saying “we’re getting there. We’re not there yet. But we acknowledge you, and we support you.”

If people want a day that supports the traditional family then they are more than welcome to create one. I will support it just as much as I support any other day that supports the right of the individual. Although any such day should celebrate people doing what they want to do, and not as a way to attack people who want to do something differently. Although there are exceptions to the rule, more often than not, an LGBT individual is more likely to be bullied, murdered, imprisoned, condemned, and harmed as a result of them being LGBT, than a traditional family member is likely to be bullied, murdered, imprisoned, condemned or harmed as a result of them being in a traditional family. Maybe they deserve a day. I mean, it’s only one day.

If you’ve decided to turn your back on Envato because they support a day that aims to eradicate bullying, whether that be for straight people or LGBT people, then I’m sorry to say, but I think that says more about you than it does about Envato.


Well I’m all for supporting LGBT youth, you should know that old Grandpas like me - you know, people over 30 - don’t know how to use the Instagram and don’t really want to learn. :boar:


I disagree with you Linda, that Spirit Day does not promote traditional family values and I find your opinion disappointing. My young niece is transgender (male to female) and our family support many traditional family values including love, compassion, caring for one another, working hard, and acceptance of other people. It is her birthday today and she is having tea with princesses for her birthday treat, she is having a wonderful day!

I am sorry Linda, that you no longer feel able to participate in the market but hope that your own traditional family values will allow you to see, that it is right we all support those that are discriminated against, for whatever reason that is. It is a kind and loving thing to do.

Well done Envato you are utilising the global structure of Envato in a fantastic way! I am delighted xxx


thank you.

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No worries!

I’m really ashamed to be part of such community. Can’t believe Envato is doing stupid things like this.


I am finding it a useful exercise in weeding out certain types of people, myself.


Scott you’re a legend! Couldn’t have put it better myself.

If I could type this in purple I would, Envato! You missed a trick there!


I try my best!

You have the right to talk, so we have the same right to state our opinion, the ones that believe in the traditional family. I don’t believe that the ones that do not like LGBT movement necessarily hate the people. Someone mentioned religion in a post above. Please let’s not involve religion here. I also feel bad for Envato promoting this (and it’s not the only one). In my humble opinion, I think companies should keep a neutral path when it comes to actions that people choose to take.

Just my two cents.


That’s your whole problem right there. Stop blindly believing things (that includes religion) and research the thing you are speaking against. Understand that your belief matters and it (currently) negatively affects lives of other people, it’s not just some bar argument about which type of ice cream is the best.

It’s an indisputable fact that people in the LGBT community, in most countries, do not have certain rights which rightfully belong to them (and we are not talking here about “extra” rights). They are looked down on by many people simply because of the lack of education and backward traditions.

More often that not, it comes from the religious people, so you can’t really exclude that here.

And no, companies should not be neutral when it comes to supporting human rights. Kudos to Envato for expressing their support, and hopefully this cleans up the community from the individuals like LindaB above.

Apologies for “attacking” you but I have low tolerance for discrimination.


That’s why we are free to think and believe whatever we want. Wait. You might be right regarding their rights as people. I do agree they shouldn’t be marginalized or have less rights because they’re people too but I just feel harassed by the attention they require. However, I don’t want to continue the discussion because it will degenerate.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Well said, Space.


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But what makes a company? People.

What is this day about? People.

So this is people standing up for people, I don’t see anything illogical here.


Out of respect to Envato, I will not go into discussion with you about what is normal and what is not. Let’s not turn this thread into that discussion. But you should know that (thankfully) no, not everyone knows that.