Get 'em while they're hot: Stats are in for the new screenshot feature

Hey folks,

As promised in my earlier announcement, I’m now going to update you on how the new screenshot feature is going. Note that the comparison I’m making is between May 2015 (a month before we made the change) and August 2015 (the latest full-month data we have at the time of this writing). The usage we were tracking was the percentage of all item page visitors that click the “Screenshots” link when they’re on the item page.

Live preview usage seems to be unaffected. An increase in less than 1%.
Screenshot usage has increased by 32%.

Live preview usage seems to be unaffected here too. An increase in less than 1%.
Screenshot usage has increased by 194%. :fireworks:

Screenshot usage has increased by 250%. :fireworks:

Live preview usage has decreased slightly by 5%.
Screenshot usage has increased by 300%. (no fireworks here because the actual impact is pretty minor, see graph below)

Screenshot usage rocketed up by 314%. :fireworks:

At a glance, the new screenshot feature has made the following impact:

What does this mean for you if you’re an author?
Upload great screenshots! More buyers are now using this feature than before, especially on 3DOcean, GraphicRiver and CodeCanyon.



  1. Could you please make the Left and Right Arrows FIXED? Its hard to scroll up each time when its really long screenshot.
  2. I see the image works as next button, but can you split it to two, where if I clicked on the left side, it goes backwad and if clicked on rightside, will go to next image. (Many sliders do this)
  3. Also, once clicked, take me to the Top of the image. Nobody wants to see a screenshot from bottom.

Hope this will get fixed soon…


Where’s OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback @surjithctly.