Get a List of Products by User using the Envato API (with Personal Token)

We’re building a product that integrates into the Envato API. We want to display a List of Products by the User inside the dashboard using a personal authorization token.

I have tried a few end-points as listed on the Envato API but it’s not working. I’m using a Library by baileyherbert that helps with contacting the Envato API.

Whenever I request the Portfolio endpoint, All I receive is the amount of products rather than an array of products with Thumbnails and Titles. Is this some issue with Token Permissions or something else?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

I found the solution.

You’re supposed to use the “newest” function under profile in baileyherbert/envato, However, I was not aware of this because the document lists this function nowhere on GitHub. I will submit a Pull Request to fix this.

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