Get 10% off of any item on Envato


Hi guys.
I need some help.
I have some money in deposit that I didn’t spend.
Can you help me get it out.
I will buy for you any item on Envato.
You can send me 10% less than it costs.

Edit: I see some of you object this, so I would like to
explain myself. I do not plan to “resell” any items here
as you put it. I do not own any items for that matter but
I do have some money deposited, and I was just offering
to buy someone an item that they would like, that they
would buy themselves anyway. I don’t see any harm in


I am afraid, it’s against the rules on Envato.
You cannot resell the items, no matter what your intentions are.
Check out the rules and licence descriptions.


As @Alexlasek said this is unfortunately not allowed on envato or the forums