German author, legal side for taxes/situation

Hello all :slight_smile:

Quick questions:
Living in Germany and already working legally in a company.
So Envato Marketplace is not the main Job, I do it next to my principal work in my free hours.

1. Is there a legal problem with that ?
2. Can I transfer my earnings money to my personal Paypal account or direct bank transfer without having problem with that ?
3. Is there an “Amount Limit”/month or /year from which we could be blocked by paypal or the bank ?

Please note that I submitted my TAX ID and W8, and I even received last year a letter from envato with tax declaration or something like that. Everything should be OK.

I believe that there is so many persons being in the same situation.

Thanks a lot for your precious help :slight_smile:

All das muss ein Steuerberater dir sagen, selbst wenn man dir hier antworten gibt, das kann in deinem speziellen Fall alles anders aussehen.
Ein Termin bei einem Steuerberater ist nicht so teuer und du kannst dir sicherer sein, als hier in einem Forum.

All these questions you should ask a tax attorney. Even if someone replies to you here, it might not be a correct answer in your case.
One meeting with a tax attorney is not that expensive, also you can be more sure that what he says is true than if you read it in a forum.

What Creattive said. But keep in mind that even if the answers to your questions are the ones you’re hoping for… none of those answers affect your responsibility to report your earnings to the relevant authorities, and pay tax on any taxable income. There may be some exceptions (certain countries) where you might not have to pay tax on earnings from outside the country (although I’ve not really heard of any!), but in most cases, if you have a source of income then the tax authorities are going to want to know about it, and they’ll probably want you to pay tax on it. I’d do as Creattive suggest and have a quick meeting with a professional to know where you stand.