genres to produce


do you think is there any genre which is better to produce to fill a gap in audiojungle? for example there are lots of corporate tracks maybe keep producing them is a waste of time being the majority of the offer already on the market


hey there :slight_smile: i think you are right about corporate tracks but my opinion to produce different style which is will fill the gap and make your portfilio looks huge !! good luck anyway


Produce music in genre which you know and do better. Produce music in direction you like better.


Exactly. I produce only cinematic because I love cinematic music, most of my libraries are for cinematic and I feel more and more comfortable with this genre. To be honest it doesnt bother me that this category is also overloaded here, it’s time consuming and I have to compete with great composers. I just do what I can do best :slight_smile:


I compose lots of piano tracks and I sell (not bad) several of them…, my style is very close to classical Chopin … I’m aware that I’m not doing a very commercial music, but neither I didn’t see many like them here, ,and till now I feel very comfortable doing this… although lately I love to explore other “unknown” genres to me… like corporate and ukulele (lol).
My point of view is , do what you love to do… and feel free to explore new fields… and always enjoy.


Well, this differs. I mean, there are many genres, and you can always find a gap to fill, and I think If you are good at producing one of these and you also love what you do - it’s the best strategy! But use the Jungle!
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I hope this is helpful :wink:



Good advice! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: