Generic soft reject after making required fixes. Feedback needed.

Hi all, I need some advice on what to do next with my WordPress blog theme. After 3 generic response soft rejections and design improvements, I finally got some feedback on issues with my code that needed fixing ( sanitising all URLs, prefixing missed functions, explaining my internationalized text strings were escaped ).

On my 5th submission I was soft rejected again as I missed sanitising a few URLs.

I then submitted my theme again and received a generic soft rejection response - “Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace. Your upload must be a unique concept not based on any existing marketplace item.”

It was a bit sad seeing that message after making the required fixes to my theme.

Here is my theme demo:

Any constructive feedback on my theme would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Looks good but I got the feel I saw it before try to add some unique ideas, you also have some bugs with post images on firefox look at the image :

use overflow hidden for your articles, and crop your images you don’t have to use 1140 x 740 in your grid posts, use the wordpress function add_image_size('my-size-name', width, height, true) … cropping posts images is also a good thing for better performance because it will compress the image size…

Gd luck

The design is really pretty and it’s unfortunate that you got that message after making it to the “code” round. But this can be a good thing! You can improve until it’s so amazing everyone buys it! It really feels generic now… wonder how much sales would you generate.

All your design needs in my opinion is a really cool header with posts slider like you have now, but much cooler. Something like (subtle animations on type) or (see that slider below header?). It’s just those little extra special things that will make your design go Ka-boom!

Thanks for the tips and pointing out that bug. I agree it does need some unique ideas, I better get brainstorming!

Thanks for your feedback and the links. I’ll keep working on adding special things to make my design go ka-boom :smile:

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