Generic jingle genius or madness?

Hi all,
Just wondering everyone’s thoughts on this… I live in Jakarta and daily take the train which has a TV showing ads and there’s this one as with a jingle I’m sure you all know the sound of - upbeat ukelele, glockenspiel, acoustic drums, y’know the one… The only thing it doesn’t have is a man whistling hehe… Anyway, I also found it on a YouTube channel yesterday, so perhaps my disdain at the lack of innovative music in ads was misplaced as clearly this kind of piece gets a lot of sales. So what say you? Is creating this kind of music still gonna make bank now? Is it worth throwing in some others on AJ for variety or are they going to be swallowed up by the big hitters and sit in unheard obscurity for eternity?

That kind of music surely liked by the buyers. Just try to make different kind of music to know which one is the best for you. For me, I stick to Electronic music because that’s my speciality :wink:

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