Generic and unrelated comments on tracks (probably bots)

Hey everyone!

I’m sure AJ has more relevant and important things to talk about, but I thought maybe someone can relate to this.
My English is bad, so I won’t talk too much and let you make conclusions yourself.

These are comments on one of my tracks. First one is just generic comment with purpose of promoting their own content (I’m sure you got these as well :wink:). But then I got the second one - which is completely unrelated to track. There is NO ukulele in this track and it has nothing to do with Christmas (while it can be used in Christmas related project oc). This made me think, that it was probably automatically put here by some algorithm.

Both accounts named weirdly similar and the fact that hyphen is used could be an argument in favor of that they were even created by program( or script or whatever).

Portfolios of these accounts might be described as “Attack of the clones” as well - feel free to visit them. :wink:
Question is - how many of account like these are there and how much of their content is actually original.

I understand, that these are just my assumptions - which might be untrue. But maybe monitoring activity on relatively new accounts is a good idea? :thinking:

Thanks everyone! :blush:

Hello! I think if you don’t like someone’s comment on your track, you can simply not reply to it or put a flag and the problem will be solved. It is also likely that the author who wrote about the ukulele which is not in your track, just confused the track. Bots can not be as an authors with a portfolio (obviously it’s not bots).
Good luck!


Hey there! I’m not sure if they are bot generated but everything else in your assumptions is accurate. We all receive this generic comments and there are hundreds and hundreds of accounts packed with clone tracks covering most of the trending genres (corporate, epic, cinematic, etc., with a few BPM up or down, transposed, one-not-changed ostinatos, you name it) that flood the market daily.

Is Envato aware? Yup, it is. Does Envato care? Nope, because it’s money in their pockets anyway.


Whether bot or not, this is spamming and it’s not allowed. Having a portfolio full of clones shouldn’t be allowed either.

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Look at those waveforms…


Perfection. :triumph:

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It’s been going on for a while for sure, and I’m familiar with Envato’s take on those things.
But if something about comments (or even accounts) is automated - it makes situation more serious and unfair imo.
On the bright side - it has to be not that hard to detect suspicious activity, that might be automated. Though I wonder if people behind the site are paying attention to things like this…

I received the same comment on one of my tracks. Needless to say the track had nothing to do with ukulele nor Christmas. :joy:

If bots infiltrate the market, that will be the end of Aj.


As expected :sweat_smile:
Is your comment from the same account as mine or from different?

No, but it’s very strange… check it out.

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Looks like there’s a whole network of bots.

Yep, I recognize that one too :joy:
We now at least sure, that all these 3 accounts from same person and using same soft for comments.

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Hahaha! I have the most exquisite and hilarious comments by UraGranD too!

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and what to do in these situations? We get a lots of time similar comments by similar accounts and when this happens I feel that it’s not ok but in the other hand if somebody commenting your track is fair to comment back… So how we need to threat this?

You can not write for the support because you got a positive feedback :expressionless:

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OMG this Favorite-Music fellow is the best! All of his 10 tracks are the same template rendered in different keys/tempos. :rofl:


Comments on itself aren’t that harmful. Except it’s spam - which I believe should not be allowed anywhere in any context. But as I said - it’s rather a sign of something bigger.
Another person 2 months ago received exact same unrelated to track comment I got today. Word to word, but from different account (!). And it’s too specific to be a mistake made by human :sweat_smile:
What that mean? I don’t know. But it’s something not good for sure :wink:


Yeah, Favorite-Music and Better-Sound are clearly the same guy. Same country, same join date, same libraries. Both portfolios are packed with one or two tracks repeated over and over in different keys, tempos, one or two notes changed in the ostinatos and lead melody. I’ve reported cases like this before, but as I mentioned, Envato is really mild with this situations as in the end they bring money to their pockets.

Needless to say, try and mention the name of a competing stock market and BAM!, the banning police will be upon you with the full weight of the law in the blink of an eye.


I remember couple years ago there was a huge wave of hard rejects because tracks were too “similar” and too “generic”. What a joke :sweat_smile:
Envato’s position is kind of understandable, but why not make the market healthier if it doesn’t require much? I mean, you still get new tracks as a replacement for those clones real quick anyway. I don’t know…

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Couldn’t agree more.

Got 6 new comments from Favorite-Music in the last 24 hours. My favourite one:

“I like your approach, just a shadeover, good luck!”

What a chedeuvre… :sweat_smile: