General Tax question

I am searching and searching … finally I decided to ask here:

When you are selling here on envato market as LTD company from UK - what is the tax for IRS (USA) ? :wink:

hi Paul, i think this is the one from where your registered company is belonging to

Company will be registered in the United kingdom - and taxes will be payed in the UK - all in UK.

So I asked what are the taxes for the company located in the UK.

It’s 0%


As indiviual or company from the UK:

1 . No W-8 form submitted = 24% US Backup Withholding Tax on all sales
2. W-8 form submitted without foreign Tax-ID = 30% US Royalty Withholding Tax on US sales only
3. W-8 form submitted with foreign Tax-ID (your Tax-ID in the UK) = 0% US Withholding Tax


So, if I am company in UK (LTD) and I submit foreign Tax-ID my taxes for US customer sales = 0%

What about Australia? Because I have earnings from Elements too - 100% of this income is Australian and now I have 10% tax (for ATO). Is the same situation for LTD company from uk in this case? If I have sumbitted my Tax-ID my tax for Australia will be 0% too?

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So… it looks like it will be only 5% for my company for Australian ATO

:slight_smile: way beyond good :slight_smile:
thanks man :slight_smile: