Gauge Theme and VC issues

Hey everyone, I have searched the Internet all over and I cannot find any real answers or solutions.

Backstory: We’ve been running the Gauge theme for quite a while, we’ve only used version 2.6 until this week when Viscual composer stopped loading. Everything was running great guns, no real complaints, apart from sharing to facebook doesn’t come with the featured image, it comes with some random image.

Anyways, updated to the latest version (6.5) and it has had disastrous effect on our site. We’ve managed to fix some issues, however there is one massive issue that I cannot find any solution too.

Our website is a games review site, we used custom html code in our headers to give it a particular look. Now none of the coding is being recognised.
here is a cached version of what it should look like (note the text thrown to the left is normally centered):

And here is what it looks like now:
Completely stuffed.

Yes I have emailed the developer of the theme, but my support has expired and I find it rather annoying that I am forced to buy support to fix an issue that was caused by an update.

Secondly: the featured element within visual composer will not show a custom url. It only shows the same post, each element has a different slug url but nothing is showing up. See any of the opinion pages for example (except Stories) as I can only post 2 links

I know this isn’t really the forum for this, but I have to try anything at this stage. Maybe someone has encountered the same issues.