Gathering all items into a unique account.

Hello people. I have a main non exclusive account and another exclusive account.Nothing much happened on my exclusive account, though.Some items here and there with some sales in the past.Is there any way to make a request at envato in order to collapse all the content into my main non-exclusive account? Of course, withdraw the tracks, and re-upload them, no problem here. How does this procedure works? Open a ticket or just delete the items and reupload them on another account? Thanks in advance.

You can ask envato but typically merging items is not allowed esp by removing and resubmitting (which would cause issues with front page exposure) Envato Authors Help and Support

Thank you for your time @charlie4282 . It makes perfect sense. That’s not my intention. I believe i will let them stay for the moment. I have no intention to upload more items on exclusive account at this moment. Thank you again.

You can imagine why envato discourage it (there are still less genuine authors who might try to exploit thigns) but there’s no harm in asking envato and see what they say

As i said It makes perfect sense.Your items become visible again due to resubmitting them. That’s obiviously an exploit. Not my intention:) . But i will throw an email to help desk.Thank you.