Gantry Framework Theme Submission

Maybe some people had heard of the Gantry Framework:

It seems really good for WP themes, is it allowed to use Gantry Framework for wordpress theme submission? I’m asking this because the last time i saw a theme with that Framework was submitted almost 2 years ago, but that Framework is still in active development and it looks pretty cool and it makes me ask myself why is not being used in new themes? As i see it works different from other frameworks, is it that the reason why? does it complies with wordpress theme submission?

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I guess the answer is ‘YES’
As you can see Gantry is listed in the upload page as an approved framework.

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Also says in Gantry license:

“Also, if you intend to use the Gantry Framework in a commercial project, or a template you intend to redistribute in any form, please retain a “Powered by Gantry” logo and link in the backend administrative interface.”

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Thanks a lot!