Gaming logo rejected for the third time


Hi, I’m going straight to the point, this is the logo (it’s the preview I put on the upload) and this is the main files with AI
I changed the log and the font every time, and this time I think it’s good … but obviously it is not so.

I am eager to hear your views.


Your logo is 100% amateur. The shapes need more work. The font is not bad, but there are better fonts.
Also the preview image is not enough good, and another thing here, there is some wrong with the logo in black background.

But first need to learn more about logo design. Take a better look at logos in logo category of graphicriver to see what logos accepted, see some tutorials (youtube, other) to learn more illustrator first.

I think try to create a new logo and you will see why this logo rejected. : -)



It’s not 100% amateur at all, it just needs some improvements. You can clean up the vector with smoother curves and touch up things like the teeth. But the main thing is there are small details on the controller that are far too fine details for a logo. A logo has to look clear and good at a small size so you need to make more simple and stylized buttons and such. :blush: