Game Trade Plugin Req'd

I run a gaming website that incorporates Woocommerce basic for sales but I’m looking to incorporate another website as part of my team that involves game trading between customers but can also earn trading points via purchases on the store.

I’m wondering if there are or could be a plugin that works with Themeforest’s Arcane theme or all Wordpress themes that allows the incorporation of points to allow game trades between members as well as store sales using Woocommerce.

We’ve had some good interest in game trading recently and feel that we could increase our direct sales by allowing this to integrate into the shop system and I’m wondering if there is a standalone plugin to do this or whether it would be a woocommerce plugin such as ‘Points and Rewards’ that would be the better option.

So far, we are Microsoft and Numskull trade affiliates and to bring it all together, feel game trades would be great traffic for the site so they bounce off each other. ie. Purchase for cash, get 1 point per pound (£/$) spent and be able to use said points or purchase more points to trade used games between our customer base, yet utilise the store for new games or used high value retro games and accessories.

Any help on the best way to achieve this would be much appreciated. Have a lolly.