Game PSD template

will it be cool for TF is good idea ??

why for TF? it looks like this type of content is already available in GR “game assets” … isn’t it?

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GR does not have GAME - entertainment PSD template

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I’m lost as to what’s going on here. I don’t see anything in the first post, no psd, no picture, but then in the third post I see a few pictures. Is that what you wanted feedback on? The posters? Are they main menus or title menus?

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The only thing which makes your design somehow related to video games are those pictures you’ve used. Other than that it is just another generic layout seen thousand times. What is the purpose of this design? A presentation page for a video game? Or a magazine? Or what exactly? Your design doesn’t make any sense. First you need to clear your mind about what exactly are you trying to create, then start designing. Video games template is IMHO a good idea, but you will need to put MUCH more effort in it.

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bro i just started designing this its 40% of work so i need ideas not Critiks like this … anyway thank you

You are the designer, you have to come with ideas. You can’t expect anyone here to tell you what to do. And if you think that you don’t need a critique, then sorry but you are wrong. Everybody needs it.

As I’ve said, video game niche template is a good idea, but your execution is poor. And it really doesn’t matter that this is only 40% of your work, because this is flawed from the start. My advice is to find a focus. Ask yourself to whom you want to sell your template. To game developers? Game magazines? Publishers? Fanbase? First answer this question, then do some research about features you will need for your template and then start working on your design.


Yeah as someone who designed games and buys game graphics sometimes the pictures are very good and eye-catching, but these things would be better as posters or a single web page of a single game website more than anything else or maybe a main menu with some modifications, something about them lacks a certain functionality. I don’t even know what you’re trying to use these for tbh, I’m assuming it’s a web page, but I mean it would have to be a web page where someone just blogs/writes about games and reviews which you could maybe resubmit it as, I don’t think it’s well-suited enough for someone who publishes games. The way it’s set up seems to be a lot more for general information and like an individual informational portfolio, not for playing and downloading and showcasing the games themselves.

just don’t give up & good luck :slight_smile:

I like it template games is very good design :slightly_smiling: I hope that approvech sell it.

But, why not make your design .psd new category?

thank you for coments im trying to make some cool deign and hope for aprovals