Game for I-Cell Foundation.

There members of this community,

For the Game for I-Cell foundation we are looking for a designer that is able to help us with making us several design based on our logo.

What we need:

About Game for I-Cell Foundation
With Game for i-Cell we would like to bring I-Cell Disease under the attention to the whole world. By streaming our games online and organizing fundraising we are hoping to get more publicity / awareness for I-Cell, and also to collect more funding.

Game for I-Cell is an approved fundraising initiative by the “Smile for I-Cell Foundation”.

For more information about Smile for I-Cell visit:

We hope that there is a handful of designers that are willing to help us.

In return for your work
You will be noted in our list of contributors and will be promoted in the live-stream and fundraising events.

Link to our logo’s in AI and PSD format

Best regards,

Kai van Rijswijk
Game for I-Cell foundation

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