Game Bundles offering with Extended License

I have inquiry about licensing when I buy Game Bundle (one license for asset where is more games).
You can find these in category:
My question is if I buy this bundle for example with 10 games, then my Extended License is covering 10 product from this one buy? Because when I read Extended Licenses terms, there is statement that you are allowed for use in only one single product. That means when I buy this bundle with 10 games I am not allowed to create more that 1 product to market? Is there some exceptions or how this work? Because it is really confusing for me.


envato market each license will be valid for a single end product. for each end product you will need to purchase individual license. If your end product is free to access for all then regular license is fine but if need to pay to get access the full or part of the end product then will need Extended Licenses.

for any more query about license you can contact envato customer support:
open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.