Game betting website script like

Anybody who are able to do this one? We have a reasonable budget for this.

made my eyes bleed.

Na, I don’t really like the web design but I am more in need of its functions/scripts. I like a minimalist design with sports/gaming-related colors/design elements.

Yeah i can do same functions.However,this is just the front-end functions.I hope you are aware of how back-end should function as well (for admin) … All the same,its something i can do (front-end and back-end)

That is not very hard as I know. You can pay attention to any different betting sites and even copy some different codes from their sites. That is legal as I know and it helps a lot because all codes are open to view by normal visitors. By the way, I bet too to earn some extra money and I use promo codes and bonuses such as to earn more on each bet. it works great.