gallery template

Hi all

My designer cannot finish my site so I am going to have to. I’m learning as I go and have very limited experience with this at the moment.
I am using the Curly template. I have several different product variations which will be on different pages. Each page will need 30 small images and I want a roll over/click on the smaller image to go to a larger image with a description. We do not need any online shopping features.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Unless that is a built-in feature of the template/theme then it doesn’t sound like something a beginner is going to find easy to implement and you may be best looking for a freelancer on

Cheers Charlie4282

I have sorted that issue, but I still need some help/advice so I can finish the site. Any recommendations?


I’d still look on envato studio and just hire an all rounder freelancer