Gallery proofing In photography theme

Hi, when I built a gallery proofing, everything is working, my gallery is built and set up with the gallery proofing theme, but the icons on the pictures to download, approved or rejected never appear…
Did someone can help me with that? How do I make appear these options on the pictures??

Heya @Gigi28,

Sounds like you’re stuck! Can you let us know what the name is of the theme you’re using?

Happy to point you in the right direction once we know :slight_smile:

  • Matt

The name of the theme is forest photography


In that case, you might need to narrow it down a little by being a little more specific :grin:

Do you have the name of the author, or perhaps you could post a link to the item page?

Here is the link of the theme :

And as you can see in the demo :slight_smile:

There is a green corner that mention proved and icons that appear in the center, but I can’t find were to activate these fonctions!!

Awesome, thanks!

So I’m going to tag in the author of the theme: @ThemeGoods, who should hopefully be able to help you with this!

@ThemeGoods can you take a look at what @Gigi28 is dealing with above?

Please submit your question on Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials when opening the ticket, so we can create sample one for you.

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Thanks @ThemeGoods!


I will do it at lunch time thanks, but I already did it 2 days ago and still no answer…
:slight_smile: Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I checked your ticket and it submitted 15 hours ago, our support staff reply your ticket 9 hours ago and I can see that you replied him back already. Our staff will reply your ticket soon. Thank you for your patience.

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