Gallery Media on Post Wordpress


Hello Guys,
i am looking a plugin can make same galley like this:



hey check this plugiin… i just see that as normal slider…

there are alot of freebies in

Hope that helps



I need work with media library and not with Shortcodes.
I am looking for for any plugin or code which add a gallery slider.

Any advice?


You can get media library images with those sliders. shortcode is just a way to show or get your contents.

if i am correctly understood. you need to show the images in your media library. this can be done by the plugins i have mentioned.

Am i correct ?


Let’s talk about

Tell me if i am correct or not:
For each post contains “image slider” i should make a custom form ML-Slider admin. Right?

What about if i have 100 posts with 100 custom sliders?


i think you are looking for something like this

watch that video.


thanks :wink: I found Royal slider … it’s perfect!